CancerCare Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba
CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) is a provincially mandated cancer agency. It is responsible for setting strategic priorities and long-term planning for cancer and blood disorders in the province. CCMB also hosts the Research Institute in Oncology and Haematology, supporting translational and clinical research on all aspects of cancer and blood disorders.

Telo Genomics founder, Dr. Mai, has her research laboratory and imaging facility located within CCMB and the research institute. It is where most of the numerous clinical studies have been conducted to develop and validate the TeloView® technology, in collaboration with clinicians from CCMB and with samples providedby the CCMB Biobank.

CCMB has assigned all of the IP related to TeloView® to Telo Genomics for the purpose of commercialization. Telo Genomics has in turn granted Dr. Mai and her research program under CCMB, a license to use TELO’s technologies for research purposes. The license allows for the continued collaboration and expansion of shared knowledge between TELO and CCMB.


Toronto, Ontario
The MaRS Discovery District or MaRS, is located in downtown Toronto and is North America’s largest urban innovation hub.

MaRS is a diverse community of more than 120 tenants, including research labs and global tech companies, each selected to create a community that is collaborating on real solutions to important problems. From advisory services to connections to talent, capital, customers; MaRS offers a range of high value services that help high growth companies succeed.

Telo Genomics head office, laboratories and imaging facility are located at MaRS. TELO benefits from its state-of-the-art laboratory and IT infrastructure. In addition, the MaRS environment has provided invaluable exposure to world-class collaborators and partners from industry, academia and government. MaRS has also been a resource for a variety of advisory services including financial, business development, human resources and legal.