Our highly predictive and non-invasive prognostic/diagnostic applications have the potential to fundamentally improve the treatment of disease

3-Dimensional Telomere Technology

Telomeres are sections of DNA at the ends of chromosomes that act as protective caps. Healthy telomeres safeguard the entire genome, regulating cell division and maintaining its integrity and stability.


Dysfunction or loss of telomeres leads to genome alterations such as chromosomal fusions, uncontrolled cell growth and genomic instability; which is a causal factor in the development of genetic diseases including cancer and neurodegenerative diseases (CNS).


Our proprietary technology TeloView®, quantifies genomic instability by measuring the 3D structure and the spatial organization of telomeres. It is designed to provide important actionable information regarding the aggressiveness of disease and potential response to treatment.

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Clinical Validation Study

TeloView® is the most comprehensive telomere-based diagnostic platform in the industry, with over 25 clinical studies, over 140 peer-reviewed papers and over 3000 patients evaluated across multiple cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.


       Our lead applications are focused on unmet clinical needs in multiple myeloma.

Telo Genomics announced a clinical collaboration with the Mayo Clinic to validate two important applications: to predict if patients with a pre-cursor to multiple myeloma will transition to active multiple myeloma and to predict if newly diagnosed patients will respond to first-line therapy.