TeloView® is the core of our proprietary technology and it consists of two parts, analytical software and a corresponding report designed for clinical decision making.



Our software was developed internally by Telo Genomics and then scaled and validated by CIMTEC, a respected Canadian imaging-software developer.



TeloView® utilizes the 3-dimensional analysis of 6 key parameters generated from the telomeres of a single cell. Multiple cells from an individual patient are independently analyzed.

TeloView®’s software generates a report for the clinician that contains important, actionable information including; the stage of a given disease, it’s rate of progression and how it will respond to therapy.

TeloView® is effective on any tissue type, but is focused on non-invasive applications
such as liquid biopsy (blood, urine, saliva etc.).

Non-invasive sampling methods are fast, relatively inexpensive and reproducible compared to tissue biopsies and can be used more frequently for the monitoring of patients. It involves the collection of circulating tumor cells (CTC’s), circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) or other informative marker cells.

TeloView® sits at the end of a multi-step process that gathers and presents target cells in a 3-dimensional format that can be analyzed to generate a TeloView® report.

Telo Genomics’ Workflow with TeloView®

Key Publications with Potential Clinical Relevance

Multiple Myeloma

Prostate Cancer

Alzheimer’s Disease